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Our Mission

To discover latent cricketing talent and nurture cricketing talent by imparting scientific and advanced training for honing the cricketing skills. To make best efforts for the development and promotion of Cricket by teaching the ‘secrets’ of achieving peak mental and physical performance- always with unyielding integrity.

We Care

Ace Cricket Academy with a vision to pioneer the growth of young cricketing talent from the grassroot levels of India. Cricket has always been a popular sport in India; every young kid aspires to become a cricket legend like Sachin Tendulkar, Kapil Dev and many others. But not all are lucky enough to display their talent and play for the country. Cricketing Talent is ample in our country but organized cricket tournaments at a basic and smaller level are very few in India.The state of the art facilities offered to the young sportsmen at the very grass root level not only helps in nurturing the aspirations of these budding talents but also helps them to imbibe the myriad benefits derived by participating in them.

Ace Cricket Academy has endeavoured to live up to its Mission of not only training youngsters to be the world class players but also to constantly search for sparks of brightness irrespective of the background they belong to. Boys from economically weaker section of the society, find it difficult to shine and showcase their hidden talent due to lack of affordable facilities. Failing to identify and to provide right opportunity to this talent, rather letting it get sacrificed at the altar of impoverishment, would be huge loss to the society and to the nation.Such youngsters work hard and try to improve their game, but without proper guidance they are finding very difficult to reach their goal, which brings nervousness among them and put them on side track, away from their goal. But some of their colleagues gets succeeded and their inner struggle starts which embosses on them that they are unlucky.